Our law bots are interactive tools that you can use to generate useful documents that are tailored to your business – fast, and at an affordable price. 

Getting started

Business 101:  Find out what written agreements your business needs, and fast, using our interactive quiz.


Website Privacy Policy:  This document explains to individuals how their personal information is collected, used, protected and disclosed in accordance with Australian privacy laws.  

Website Terms and Conditions:  This document sets out the rules for using and buying products/services from your business website, and reduces your business' exposure to risk and liability if something goes wrong.   

Key agreements

Service Agreement:  This written agreement sets out key terms on which your business will be providing or receiving services from another business.


Referral Services Agreement:  This written agreement sets out key terms on which a business will be providing referrals to another business in exchange for commissions.


Company Power of Attorney:  This written agreement can help you ensure that your business runs smoothly when you are on holidays or otherwise unavailable to attend to certain business activities.

Unilateral Confidentiality Agreement (also known as a 'Non-Disclosure Agreement' or 'NDA'):  This type of written agreement is essential if your business needs to disclose confidential information, and wants to make sure that the information stays confidential.


Cease and Desist Letter:  Has someone stolen your trademark or copyright?  Is someone breaching a contract?  Don't sit back and suffer loss - use this tool to build a Cease and Desist letter.  Click here to find out how this letter can make sure your complaint is taken seriously, and can help bring an end to the wrongdoing.


Important information about our products

About our products

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The above prices are in New Zealand dollars.  Our platform provider (Automio) intends to install an update to the platform that will allow us to charge in Australian dollars in early 2018. 

Please note

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These products are general information products in the form of interactive tools that you can use to create customised documents.  These documents are automatically generated based on your inputs - they have not been reviewed by a lawyer (or anyone else) before being made available to you.  Your use of any document is at your own risk.

These products are not legal advice or a legal service, and we are not acting as your lawyer by making these products available to you.  No general information product can fit every user's personal requirements, so we recommend that you consult a lawyer about your personal circumstances before using a document. 

If you need a lawyer, please contact us.  We would be delighted to help you.   

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