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Poor quality contracts damage companies.   we give innovative businesses the full range of commercial contracts they need to get established, reduce risk and achieve their goals.

Why choose us?

1.    We draft with your best interests in mind.  Kinny Legal specialises in contract law and commercial litigation.  We understand all the risks and opportunities that your business will encounter and know how to draft contracts that are easy to understand and operate to put your in the most favourable position possible in each foreseen circumstance.  We will include clauses that you can rely on to reduce your business' risk of loss and liability, avoid misunderstandings with key stakeholders and take advantage of opportunities.    

2.    We give practical advice.  We can interpret the most convoluted of contracts and distill what it all means, legally and practically, for you.  We work with you to determine how you can make a contract work to your advantage.   

3.   We know what is important.  We have the skills and experience to negotiate better contract outcomes on your behalf.  We know how to look after your best interests without undermining your relationship with the other contracting parties.  

Our legal services include:

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Service agreements

  • Independent contractor agreements

  • Supply and distribution agreements

  • Website terms and conditions

  • Website privacy policy

  • Website disclaimers

  • Compliance and risk management advice

Do you prefer more of a DIY approach?  You might be interested in our automated legal products - designed to support self-starters in their everyday business activities.