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Housing Legislation (Building Better Futures) Amendment Bill 2017: How operators could be affected  

The Queensland Government has introduced the Housing Legislation (Building Better Futures) Amendment Bill 2017 (Qld) into Parliament, which proposes amendments to the Retirement Villages Act 1999 (Qld) (in addition to other legislation regulating other forms of housing).

Key Proposed Changes

The Bill proposes a number of key changes, including:

  1. An 18 month buyback provision, requiring operators to pay outgoing residents their exit entitlement 18 months after the resident leaves, unless doing so would cause the operator undue hardship.
  2. Limitations on an operator's ability to close and redevelop a retirement village.  For example, operators wishing to engage in either activity will have to prepare a closure/redevelopment plan (as applicable) in accordance with the amended legislation, and have that plan approved by either the residents of the retirement village or the Department.   
  3. New and enforceable behaviourable standards, which will regulate the behaviour of operators, the staff of operators, and residents of a retirement village. 
  4. Changes to operators' budgeting and financial management obligations, including the preparation of village budgets and general service charges.
  5. New prescribed disclosure documents that an operator is required to give a prospective resident.

Find out more

Click here to access a copy of the Bill.

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