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What are they?

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Our online products are automated legal products.  They are interactive tools that you can use to generate customised documents – fast, and at an affordable price.  Each product is designed by a commercial lawyer.  When you are finished creating, your customised document is automatically generated and immediately available for download.  We also send a copy to your inbox.  If you would like legal advice before using a document, we can give you that advice at exclusive discounted rates.

How are these products different from hiring a lawyer?

If you hire a lawyer to prepare documents, they take on the responsibility of making sure that these documents are accurate, error-free and suitable for your purposes.  They do this by considering not only the law but also your individual circumstances and requirements.  Getting a lawyer involved can give you great peace of mind, but this does come at a premium price.

Automated legal products are different.  You are using general information products that also happen to be interactive tools designed to help you create customised documents based on your inputs.  Because there is no lawyer performing the above tasks, we are able to offer these products at a lower price point.

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Are these automated legal products are right for me?

Each product has been designed by a commercial lawyer to support small businesses in Australia.  Currently, over 90% of all businesses in Australia are small businesses – so, chances are, these products have been designed with your type of business in mind. 

If you own or manage a small business in Australia and:

  1. want help to protect and grow that business;

  2. have a limited budget; and

  3. are comfortable taking a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach,

our automated legal products might be the affordable solution you are looking for.  

If you aren't sure if these products are right for you, contact us on 02 9199 4563.